Enya was founded through different stories of women who could not find an affordable healthier alternative at the pharmacy store, and not to mention the last minute midnight runs. After asking around, we learned many people were upset about the situation too. With the right combo of product innovation and technology convenience, we decided to do something about it – starting with organic cotton.

Our Mission

a femtech company with a vision to innovate and improve menstrual care, starting with delivering period pads straight to your doorstep

Product that works

We believe in creating products that are skin friendly, and women deserves the best. Enya strives to co-create the best product together with our customers to produce a lifelong brand for women.

Thoughtful Packaging

Two things – Minimal and beautiful. Our recyclable packaging is designed to sit proudly next to your bathroom vanity, so that you could use them exactly where and when you need it.

Celebrating Womanhood

Periods are a natural human body process and we want to talk about it! Enya aims to create a safe space for everybody to discuss about our reproductive health and not be embarrassed by it.