100% Organic Cotton

Made with premium hypoallergenic organic cotton topsheet that fees soft & comfortable

Ultra Thin

Measured at 0.2cm thin with an absorbency rate of 80ml for day and 120ml for night

Leak Proof

Designed with a U-channel that prevents leakage & strong adhesive to hold your pad in place

Premium Materials

Our products are tested free of fragrances, chlorine, paraben & toxic adhesives

What is in the pad?

Our pads are made of organic cotton, but we are not completely sustainable just yet. We strive to develop biodegradable products that are honest and real to women.

From A-Z

That’s how we spell our ingredients out. Our pads are made of 100% organic cotton topsheet, a super absorbent middle core, breathable PE backsheet and compact packaging to prevent bacteria contact.


Or pads are tested FREE of fragrances, dyes, chlorine, rayon, bleach – ideal for women with sensitive skin.

Recyclable Packaging

All of our enya boxes are only recyclable at this stage, but we are not sustainabe just yet! It is our ongoing mission to make beautiful eco-friendly packaging as we innovate our products.

Time to menstruate on a pile of clouds